Auto Correct Static Voltage stabilizer

This is a new switching topology where PWM is done directly in AC-to-AC switching, without any harmonic distortion

Solar LED Lantern

Manufacturer & Exporter of a wide range of products which include Solar Lanterns such as Solar 3W Lantern

Three Phase Solar Pump Control With MPPT And VFD

we have launched 3-phase solar pump control systems which uses solar energy, does not require batteries and pumps water from early mornings till late evenings, even under cloudy conditions.

Solar Street Light

It comes with a very small Li-ion Battery which can be fitted under the solar panel and has a long life of 3 years.

Auto Correct Static Voltage Stabilizer

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The perfect energy solution is renewable, universally affordable, abundant, benign and contributes to the world’s ecological well-being.


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  • Hybrid Solutions
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  • Bringing Solar Home
  • Renewable Operations
  • Bringing Solar Home
  • Renewable Operations


To produce, led lights using solar panels in volumes that make ecological and social contributions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.